Definition: Vaginal burning is a feeling of pain, irritation or discomfort in the vagina. It is also known is vulvovaginitis

 Causes:  Vaginal burning can be caused by several factors such as: · Infections (bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, trichomoniasis) · Irritants (soaps, detergents, spermicides)

 · Allergies · Hormonal immbalance · Vulvodynia Lichen sclerosus

 Symptoms: The symptoms of vaginal burning are depending on the cause, but the common symptoms include: · Pain · discomfort in the vagina · Itching

 · Discharge · Redness · Swelling · Pain during urination · Pain during sexual intercourse

 Treatment:  The treatment for vaginal burning vary and depends on the cause, such as:

 · Antibiotics for infections · Antifungal medications for yeast infections · Antihistamines for allergies · Hormonal therapy for hormonal changes · Pain relievers for pain

 Precautions: There are a few things you can do to help prevent vaginal burning: · Wear loose-fitting Breathable clothing

 · Avoid harsh soaps and detergents. · Use a mild soap to wash the vulva. · Dry the vulva after washing.

 · Avoid douches and vaginal sprays. · Use condoms , If you are sexually active. · If you are taking antibiotics, use a full course of them.