Mama Cax was renowned model and public speaker who brought a big impact.

 Mama Cax, real name was Cacsmy Brutus but people know her with Mama Cax.

 She was not just famous  model but also influencer and influencing people.

 Mama Cax had a unique style and proud about her artificial leg.

 She got bone and lung cancer at the age of 14. Later one leg was removed from her.

 Instead of tough life, she because a voice for fashion industry and for people who love their bodies.

 She work with big brands, featured in famous magazine covers and interviewed on various television channels.

 Mama Cax support all the needy people irrespective of caste, religions, race and color though her social media platforms.

 She got master degree in management.

 Due her hard work, BBC included her in BBC’s 100 women.

 But unfortunately Mama Cax passed away in 2019. The death reason was kept secret to public to respect her privacy.