: What is milialar? Milialar a skin condition which is caused by excessive sweating. It is common in hot and humid weather, and can affect both women and men. It is common in children.

 Symptoms of miliaria · Pain · Itching · Discomfort · Rash on the face, chest, back and neck.

 · clear or red bumps on the skin · Prickling sensation · Redness of the skin

 Causes of miliaria Miliaria is caused by accumulation of excessive sweating under the skin. This can happen when the sweat glands become blocked.

 Treatment for miliaria Miliaria is not serious and treat on its own within 3-6 days. However, there are some tips you can do to help sooth the symptoms, such as:

 · Staying cool and hydrated · Wearing loose-fitting clothing · Taking cool baths · Use powder to absorb sweat