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How Many Calories In a Banana

It is tough to answer this question about how many calories in a banana because banana calories vary and depend on size, shape, and type. Banana calories are high and should use with care while taking other fruits

According to USDA medium size banana 7 to 8 inches contains 105 calories. But the amount of calories varies according to size, shape, and color. The bananas in stores are mostly greater than 8 inches so they will have higher calories.

In short average banana have 90-120 calories depending on its size.

Standard-size bananas contain the following calories:

  • Extra small has 72 calories (shorter than 6 inches, 81 grams)
  • Small banana has 90 calories (101 grams, 6-7 inches)
  • A medium banana has 105 calories (118 grams, 7-8 inches)
  • A large banana has 121 calories (136 grams, 8-9 inches)
  • An extra-large banana has 135 calories (152 grams, 9 inches)
  • A sliced banana has 134 calories (150 grams)
  • Mashed banana has 200 calories (225 grams)

If you are confused about the size of a banana, then no problem because you can estimate calorie content from the average banana size. The average size banana contains 100 calories.

Round about 93% of banana calories come from carbohydrates, 4% from proteins, and 3% from fat.

How many Carbs in a banana

Banana carbs depend on the size and shape of banana. An average-sized banana contains 25 grams of carbs. Unripe banana has fewer content carbs. Again the carbs content depends on the size and shape of the banana.

The level of calories is very high compared to other fruits. For instance

  • The medium organ has 62 calories
  • Medium apple gives about 115 calories
  • Berries provide the least amount of calories. A half cup of blueberries gives 41 calories while rasp berries half a cup provides 32 calories.


Banana calories content depends on the size and shape. The calorie content range from 72-135. An average-sized banana contains 100 calories.


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