Apadravya (Penis Piercing): Benefits, Side Effects & Price 

Apadravya is a type of penis piercing in which vertical piercing is done through the head of the penis (glans) from top to bottom.  

The word apadravya comes from the ancient Indian word Kama Sutra which means prosthesis meant to increase sexual pleasure.

 Penis piercing is a broader term that involves any kind of piercing on the male genitalia such as apadravya, Prince Albert piercing, shaft piercing, and frenulum piercing.

 Apadravya piercing is good for people who want to change their bodies uniquely. It is done by piercing the glans from the top to the bottom. People have been doing apadravya in different parts of the world from ancient times for many reasons such as their cultural customs, sexual pleasure, and look attraction.

 In this article, we will expound on the types of penis piercing, benefits, side effects, and apadravya piercing price.

Types of penis piercing

There are many different types of penis piercing but the most prominent penis piercing types include:

Prince Albert piercing: this type of piercing goes through the penis’ underside near the urethral opening. It is believed that the husband of Queen Victoria had this kind of piercing so it is named Prince Albert piercing.  

Frenum piercing: This type of piercing is done horizontally on a frenulum. Frenum is a thin strip of tissue below the penis. Frenum piercings are famous for increasing sexual stimulation for both partners during intercourse.   

Dydoe piercings: In type piercing goes through the ridge of the glans horizontally. Typically it is done in pairs and is famous for enhancing sexual pleasure by stimulating nerves in the head of the penis.

Ampallang piercing: In Ampallang, piercing is done horizontally through the head of the penis (glans) from one side to the other.  

Apadravya: In Apadravya,  piercing is passed vertically through the glans from top to bottom, often crossing the urethra. Apadravya piercing is done for both aesthetic and sexual reasons.

Guiche piercing: it is done on the perineum; it is the area between the anus and scrotum. This type of piercing is less common than the other types.

Benefits of Apadravya Piercing

People are performing Apadravya piercing for different purposes such as:

  • Apadravya piercing increases sexual pleasure during intercourse for both partners. It stimulates the sensory nerves at the end of the glans during sexual intercourse.
  • Some people are doing Apadravya piercing to get an aesthetic look.
  • In many countries especially in India Apadravya piercing has some cultural and spiritual significance.
  • Apadravya piercing is also used for psychological empowerment. After getting an Apadravya piercing individuals feel confidence and empowerment, as they feel that they will have good sexual pleasure during intercourse.
  • After Apadravya piercing lots of people report enhancement in sexual desire.

Side effects of apadravya

Side Effects of Apadravya Piercing include:

  • You will feel pain and discomfort after getting an Apadravya piercing. This pain persists for several days as the piercing heals.
  • There is a risk of infection after Apadravya piercing. So proper care and hygiene are mandatory for Apadravya piercing.
  • You may experience bleeding during and after the Apadravya piercing. Sometimes bleeding continues for a long time. So always choose professional piercers for Apadravya piercing.
  • Some individuals experience difficulty or discomfort in urination after getting an Apadravya piercing.  
  • In some individuals Apadravya piercing is rejected, leading to migration or expulsion of the piercing jewelry from the skin.
  • Piercing jewelry such as nickel or stainless steel may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
  • Improper technique of Apadravya piercing may damage the surrounding tissues, nerves, or blood vessels, leading to numbness, pain, or other complications.  

Apadravya piercing price

The price of Apadravya piercing typically depends on several factors such as the expertise of the piercer, the jewelry used in piercing, and the location of the piercing studio. But on average Apadravya piercing ranges from $50-$100 USD.

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Apadravya piercing is a type of penis piercing that is done vertically through the glans from top to bottom. People from the ancient time are doing Apadravya piercing and it has cultural and spiritual significance.

Apadravya piercing has several benefits such as enhancing sexual desire but it has also several side effects like pain, discomfort, infection, and allergic reactions.

What is the difference between Prince Albert and Apadravya?

The difference between a Prince Albert and an apadravya piercing is the position of the piercing on the glans. A Prince Albert piercing is done on the underside of the penis, while an apadravya piercing goes vertically through the head of the penis (glans).

How long does an apadravya bleed for?

Typically bleeding continues for several hours to a couple of days after piercing. But don’t be ponder because it is normal in piercing. The duration of bleeding after an apadravya piercing is depending on several factors such as healing ability, piercing technique, and aftercare practices.  

Is The Prince Albert piercing Real?

Yes, the Prince Albert piercing is a real type of piercing. This piercing is named after Prince Albert, who was the husband of Queen Victoria. It is believed that this piercing was done by Prince Albert.

Is the apadravya piercing painful?

Yes, Apadravya piercing is a painful technique. The level of pain depends on individual pain tolerance, piercing technique, and post-piercing practices. As glans is a sensitive area of the body and you will feel pain and discomfort during and after piercing.


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