Best Crispy Freeze Dried SKittles: Health Benefits, Calories, & Preparation

Freeze dried Skittles are a unique and innovative form of the classic candy Skittles. These Skittles have low moisture content and the same level of sweetness as that of traditional candies. In the freeze-drying process, moisture is removed from the candies but their flavors, shape, and taste remain intake and giving them a unique crunchy texture.   

Traditional candies are soft and chewy while freeze dried Skittles are light, airy, and crispy when they are bitten

In freeze drying method moisture is removed gradually at lower pressure. In freeze drying the water in candies is converted in solid (ice) and then removed from the candies in the form of vapors without converting it into a liquid state. This method maintains the integrity of the candies and nutritional profile.

Freeze dry Skittles have vibrant colors and fruity taste and low content of moisture adds a distinctive crunch that adds new dimension to the eating experience. These freeze dry Skittles have gotten a reputation for their novel texture, longer shelf life, and burst of flavor over the traditional candies.

 Freeze dried Skittles have extended shelf life this is due to the low content of water which is necessary for the growth of bacteria and other microbes. The intensified flavor explosion of these Skittles is due to the concentration of flavors.

 In this article, we will explain, how to make freeze dried Skittles, nutritional facts, the best brands for freeze drying Skittles and other aspects of freeze dried Skittles.

How to make freeze dried Skittles?

Gather Your Gear

Before starting the freeze drying process, first gather your gear that is necessary for this process such as:

  • Freeze dryer
  • Trays
  • Freezer
  • Optional: Food dehydrator (for pre-drying, if your freeze dryer lacks pre-freezing), vacuum sealer (to prevent freezer burn).

Freeze drying process is comprised of these steps:

Freezing the Skittles

The first step in making freeze-dried Skittles is freezing the Skittles.  Scatter the candies in trays in a proper way and then keep them in a freezer. The freezer colds the candies until they are converted into solid. Freezing in this process is very important because it helps to consolidate the Skittles’ shape and structure before moving to the next step.

 Moisture removal

When Skittles are frozen then they are passed to the next step where moisture is removed from the Skittles at a lower temperature. In this process the ice in the candies is directly converted into vapors, skipping the liquid stage. This removal of moisture makes the Skittles light and crunchy.

Preserving the Flavor and Color of Skittles

This method is crucial for the colors and flavors of the skittle. Freeze drying method does affect or damage the colors and flavors of the skittle while other processes dramatically change both the colors and flavors of the Skittles.

Creating Crunchy Texture

Freeze drying process converts chewy and heavy Skittles into airy and crunchy Skittles. This new texture adds a unique fun and different element to the classic candies experience and makes the freeze dry Skittles an enjoyable snack.

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Nutritional Benefits of Freeze-Dried Skittles

Calorie Content

Freeze dried Skittle has a lower calorie content than traditional Skittles. Freeze drying removes moisture from the Skittles and leaves them lightweight. So the calorie content per piece is reduced compared to traditional candies.

However calorie content may vary from brand to brand. It is recommended to check the label freeze dried skittle before buying.   

Calories: Around 8-10 grams of freeze dried Skittles have 40-45 caloires while   41 grams of traditional Skittles have 180 calories.

Sugar content

Both traditional and freeze dried Skittles have the same levels of sugar content this is because freeze drying does not affect the ingredients of Skittles. But the freeze dried skittle has intensified taste due to the removal of water.

Approximately 100 grams of Skittles have 35-40 grams of sugar.

Reduced Water levels

If you are looking light weight sweet then freeze dry Skittles are the best option for you because these Skittles have a low content of water and may contribute to a snack that is less dense.

Ingredients and Additives

The ingredients and additives list is the same both freeze dried Skittles and traditional Skittles. Mostly all brands use the same ingredients and additives. 

 When you are incorporating any sweet into your diet it is best to use it in moderation. It is difficult to say how much sweet is required for an individual because dietary needs and preferences vary from person to person.

Packaging and Shelf Life of Freeze Dried Skittles

Protective Packaging

The packaging of freeze dried Skittles plays an important role in maintaining the freshness of Skittles.  Typically, freeze dried Skittles are sealed in airtight packaging, preventing them from external moisture and other element.   This type of packaging not only maintains the shape and texture of freeze dried Skittles but also prevents them from external environment moisture.

Longer Shelf Life

The freeze dried Skittles have longer shelf life compared to traditional Skittles. Freeze drying process removes water content from the Skittles which is crucial for the survival of microbes. So it becomes difficult for bacteria to attack on the freeze dried Skittles. As a result of freeze drying, Skittles maintain their flavor, taste and shelf life for extended periods as compared to traditional Skittles.

Enhance Consumer Convenience

The extended shelf life and protective packaging enhance customers’ convenience. They can store these Skittles for a longer time without affecting the quality. This feature make them best option for those who can’t wait for a tasty and crunchy snack.

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Freeze dried sour Skittles

Typically kids and girls are pond of sour candies throughout the world. So most of the famous brands are manufacturing sour freeze dried Skittles. With the help of freeze drying process, traditional sour candies are converted into freeze dried sour Skittles. This process removes water content, resulting in a crunchy texture and maintaining the sour flavors.

Freeze dried Skittles near me (Best Skittles Brands)

 You can find freeze dried skittle through various marketplaces such as:

Freeze dried Skittles, Online Retailers

Various online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and other candies websites are selling freeze dried skittle along with other candies.

Local Candy Stores

Feeze dried Skittles are also available in local stores and specialty stores that especially focus on unique confections. You can find local stores and specialty stores by simply Google “freeze dried Skittles near me”. You will find lots of local stores located near to your house.

Brand Websites

Mostly all brands are selling their freeze dried Skittles on their brand websites. These brands directly deliver Skittles to consumers through their online platforms.


Freeze dried Skittles are innovative forms of skittle that have low moisture content with longer shelf life. These candies have several benefits over traditional Skittles such as low calories, low water content, and extended shelf life.

Freeze dry Skittles are best for those who are eager for a sweet snacks and want them immediately. You can store them for longer time without affecting their taste, flavor, color, texture and integrity.

How long does it take to freeze dry Skittles?

The freezing duration usually depends on freeze drying equipment and the size of the Skittles. Typically the duration of freezing ranges from 12-24 hours. In this process candies are first frozen and then the water content is removed. Freeze drying convert Skittles into crispy and delightful treats, so patient is key for it.

What are freeze dried Skittles?

Freeze-dried Skittles are an innovative and crispy version of traditional candies. With the help of freeze drying process, moisture is removed and candies are converted into a unique crunchy texture. This process does not affect the flavors, colors and texture of the candies.

Is it safe to eat freeze-dried Skittles?

Yes, freeze dried Skittles are generally considered safe to eat compared to other traditional candies. These Skittles have an advantage over the classic candies because they have low moisture, low calories and longer shelf life. Moreover, the freeze-drying process is a safe method of food preservation, and it does not affect the quality of food.

What are the freeze dried Skittles calories?

It is difficult to tell the Specific calorie information for freeze-dried Skittles because calorie content varies from brand to brand. To get accurate details, it’s recommended to read the Skittles. These Skittles have fewer calories than traditional candies.
 8-10 grams of freeze dry Skittles have 40-45 calories while   41 grams of traditional candies have 180 calories.

Is it illegal to freeze-dry candy?

Freeze drying process is a legal process and it does not affect the flavors, colors, texture and shape of the food. Freeze-drying process is a food preservation method and it enlarges the shelf life of the food.  All the manufacturers follow the standard rules of the freeze drying process.


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