Top 10 Best Freeze Dried Candy: Health Benefits, Calories & More

Freeze-dried candy is just like a regular candy but the process of preparation is different. These candies are manufactured with the help of a special method called freeze drying. It is a process in which moisture is removed from the candies at low temperatures leaving the candy lightweight and crunchy.

In this process first make the candies cold and then remove the moister without affecting the taste and shape of the candies. Freeze drying helps the candy to stay fresh and maintain flavor for a longer time.  The trend of these candies is increasing day by day because they are lighter, fresh, and crunchier than regular candies.

Freeze dried candy is very popular for many reasons as these candies are healthier than traditional candies, they are lightweight and portable and don’t require refrigeration so they are perfect for your launch box, purse, or backpack and these candies have eye catching texture that makes them irresistible.

 Freeze dried candy has several ironic benefits that regular candies lack such as:

  • They are healthier as these candies have reduced sugar content and lack artificial preservatives
  • They are portable and lightweight and don’t require refrigeration.
  • They have extended shelf life, up to two years without refrigeration.
  • They can be enjoyed on their own or can be added to other recipes.

Several popular brands in the USA manufacture freeze dried candy such as Gummy Bears, Starbursts, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Marshmallows, sour candies, and Chocolate bars.

In this article, we will expound on the best freeze dried candy, their benefits, Best brands, Calories, and much more.

Popular types of freeze-dried candy

In The USA, Several brands prepare freeze dried candy but the most popular and trustworthy types include:

Freeze dried Gummy Bears candy

Regular Gummy Bears candies are soft gelatinous candies that come in various colors and fruity flavors. Usually, they are soft and chew but when they are freeze dried, they transform into lightweight and crispy. The dried freezing removes all the moisture from the gummies and leaves only concentrated flavor that bursts in your mouth.

Gummy bear freeze dried candy is a perfect snack both for kids and adults. They can be enjoyed on their own or mixed in yogurt, or other delicious desserts.

Calories: 70 calories per 28 grams

Freeze dried Skittles candy

Skittles candies are known for their rainbow of colors, and sweet tangy tastes. These are colorful candy shells filled with fruity candy drops. On freezing these candies are converted into tiny, crunchy puffs that are bursting with different flavors.

The freeze drying process removes most of the water and makes them airy and light. The fruity drops inside the candy retain their original flavor, and texture, giving a delicious burst of sweetness in your mouth with each bite. Skittles freeze dried candy is a good choice of snack for anyone. These candies will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Calories: 90 calories per 28 grams

Freeze dried Starbursts candy

Starbursts are very famous for their juicy and unique flavor. They are soft and chewy candies, available in a wide range of fruit flavors such as orange, grape, and strawberry. Freeze drying converts these candies into lightweight and airy with a subtle crunch. This process removes most of the moisture from the candies and makes them more airy and less chewy.

The fruity flavors inside the candies remain intake and provide an unmatchable burst of sweetness with each bite. These candies are the only source to enjoy the flavor of starbursts.    

Calories: 80 calories per 28 grams

Freeze dried Marshmallows candy

Marshmallows are fluffy and soft confectionary made from sugar, gelatin, and water. They are typically used in s’mores and hot chocolate. They can be enjoyed on their own as a sweet treat or snack. The freeze-drying process removes moisture from the candies and converts them into light, crispy, and crunchy. On freeze drying, the texture and sweetness of candies remain intake.  

Calories: 70 calories per 28 grams

Freeze dried Swedish Fish

These candies are available in a wide range of fruity flavors such as orange, lime and red raspberry. The shape of these candies are like fish and they are soft and chewy in nature. Freeze-drying transforms these

candies into lightweight and airy puffs with a subtle crunch. On freeze drying, freeze-dried Swedish fish retain their tangy flavor and sweetness making them suitable treat for both adults and kids.

Calories: 90 calories per 28 grams

Freeze dried Nerd Clusters

These candies are made from colorful tiny candies that are coated with a sweet and tangy candy shell. On freeze drying, these candies are transformed to more crunchy and flavorful. The freeze drying does not affect the sweetness and tanginess. The tiny candies offer a delightful burst of flavor in the mouth and sweeten your sweet tooth.

Calories: 100 calories per 28 grams

Freeze Dried HappyHeart Candy

HappyHeart is a brand of prepared candies from pure natural vegetables and fruits. This brand manufactures popular freeze-dried candy types such as gummy bears, starbursts, and Skittles. The candies of this brand are known for their reduced sugar content, natural flavors, purity, and longer shelf life.

Freeze Dried HappyBites Candy

HappyBites manufactures a wide range of freeze-dried candies that are famous for their natural flavor, texture, and reduced sugar content. HappyBites’ freeze-dried candies are also non-GMO and they have no artificial preservatives or flavors.

Both HappyHeart and HappyBites are the best brands for health-conscious people because these brands prepare healthier candies that have less calorie content compared to traditional candies. These candies are the best option for those who are looking for convenient and portable snacks.

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Health Benefits of freeze-dried candy

The health benefits of freeze-dried candy include:

Low sugar content

Freeze drying removes water from the candy, which concentrates natural sugars. So you can enjoy the same level of flavor with few calories.  

Easily digestible

Freeze-dried candy is easily digestible as compared to traditional candy. These candies are the best option for those who face digestive problems. Freeze drying converts candies into smaller pieces that are easily digestible.

 Extend candy shelf life

The shelf life of freeze-dried candies is longer than traditional candies. This is because freeze-drying removes excess water from candies which are necessary for the survival of bacteria. So freeze drying prevents the growth of bacteria and extends the shelf life of freeze dried candy.

 Source of portable and convenient snack

Freeze dried candy is lightweight and it can be easily packed in a purse, backpack, or pocket. They are a great option for snacks because they don’t require refrigeration.

Part of a healthy diet

Freeze dried candy can be a part of a healthy diet when they are consumed in moderation. Always choose freeze dried candy that is made from natural ingredients and has low-calorie content.

 Satisfy your cravings

Freeze dried candy is a way to satisfy your sweet tooth without overindulging. You will enjoy the same level of sweetness as traditional candy with low calorie intake.

Source of nutrients

Freeze dried candy are made from natural vegetables and fruits that contain essential nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C, and K. they also contain protein and carbohydrates. Always read the label before buying the freeze dried candy.

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Tips for buying and storing freeze-dried candy

The buying and storing tips of freeze dried candy are:

Buying tips:

  • Choose the brand that prepares freeze dried candy from natural ingredients.
  • Before buying, read the ingredient label carefully. First make sure that freeze dried candy has no added sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives.
  • Choose that type of freeze dried candy that has low sugar content.
  • Always try to buy freeze dried candy from reputable retailers or e-commerce websites. Don’t buy from retailers who don’t follow standard storage conditions.

Storage tips:

  • Store freeze dried candy in airtight containers to prevent the entrance of moisture. Excess moisture deteriorates the texture and taste of the candy.
  • Keep freeze dried candy in cool, dry places and stay away them from direct sunlight and other heat sources.
  • Freeze dried candy does not require refrigeration, so avoid them from refrigeration.
  • Always monitor the expiration dates before storing them.

Popular freeze-dried candy brands

The top 10 brands of freeze dried candy include:

  • HappyHeart Freeze Dried Candy
  • HappyBites Freeze Dried Candy
  • Fruity Chews
  • Rocky Mountain Freeze Dried
  • Crave Crunch
  • Fruity Burst
  • The Sweet Belle Prepper
  • SweetyTreatyCo
  • Freeze Dried Candy Co.
  • The Freeze Dried Candy Store

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Freeze dried candy is similar to traditional candy but it is dehydrated at low temperatures. These candies have extended shelf life, unique crunch, and lightness. These candies lack water prevent the growth of infectious microbes and are healthier than regular candies.

The common and healthier freeze dried candy is gummy bears, skittles, and starsburts. These candies are alternative to traditional candies and have the same sweetness as regular candies. Freeze dried candy has reduced sugar content that bursts in your mouth.

Is it healthier to eat freeze-dried candy?

Yes eating freeze dried candy is healthier than traditional candy because it contains low content of sugar and water. Before eating any kind of candy first read the label and its ingredients. It is advisable to lower the intake of both regular candy and freeze dried candy because it can cause tooth decay, weight gain, and other health problems.

Is freeze-dried candy hard to bite?

No, freeze dried candy is not hard to bite. The freeze drying process only removes the moisture and leaves behind lightweight and airy texture candy. Even freeze drying reduces the hardness of candy.

Does freeze-dried expire?

No, freeze dried candy does not expire in the traditional sense. This is because these candies have no content of water which is essential for the growth of microbes. As a result of this, freeze dried candy last for several years at room temperature.  You should use them within the due date because freeze-dried candy starts deteriorating with time.

Is freeze-dried healthier than dried?

Ans Yes, freeze dried food is healthier than dried food. In freeze drying, only water is removed at low temperatures and the content of nutrients remains intake. Dried food on the other hand is exposed to high heat that can damage the heat-sensitive nutrients which leads to nutrient loss.

Is it better to eat dried fruit or candy?

You should eat dried fruit instead of dried candy this is because dried fruits contain lots of both micronutrients and macronutrients. They are considered healthier than dried candy. Dried candy usually has added sugar and a low content of essential nutrients.


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