Top 16 Healthy Candies For Kids: Healthy Candy Alternatives

Candies are a famous and delightful treat to all people especially for children. The mesmerizing color, sweet taste and unique shapes of candies compel the kids to eat them in large quantities.

As a parent, we always are very conscious about the health of our children and try to find out candies that are both nutritious, delicious and healthier. Because consuming lots of artificial additives and sugar can cause innumerable health issues.

Fortunately, there are lots of candies that have natural ingredients and are free from sugar, artificial additives and other harmful ingredients. Healthy candies will not only make your kids joy but also give you peace of mind.

In this article, we will explore the Top 16 healthy candies that satisfy your Kids and promote their health.

Let’s jump into the world of candy and unveil the best options that will bring smiles to your kids’ faces as well as promote their health.

List of healthy Candies for Kids

The common healthy candies for kids include:

Healthy Bites

Healthy Bites is a very famous company that produces healthy snacks and sweets for people, especially kids. It is a pioneer in producing healthy candy for children.

Healthy Bites always tries to use natural and organic ingredients to boost the immune system of children as well as offer other health benefits. These candies are free from artificial additives, sugar and gluten.

Healthy Bites candies are rich in essential minerals, vitamins and macronutrients that are necessary for the proper health of kids.

Nature’s Delight

Nature’s Delight is a big company and famous for healthy snacks, breakfast and candies. It prepares unique candies which are both nutritious and delicious. These candies are free from artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives. Due to the use of natural ingredients, Nature’s Delight candies are famous throughout the world.

Pure Joy

Pure Joy has got a reputation among parents who are looking for healthy candy for their kids. Pure Joy candies are made from natural and organic ingredients and free from artificial chemicals, color, fructose and preservatives. Due to their unique color, taste and health benefits, parents do not buy other candies except Pure Joy.

Tooth-friendly Treats

Nearly all the available candies cause tooth decay. If you are looking for candy that promotes dental health and satisfies your kids’ cravings then Tooth friendly treats are the best option for your kids. These candies are specially formulated to reduce the chances of tooth decay and improve oral health. These candies have reduced sugar content and other ingredients that become the cause of tooth decay.

Yummy Naturals

If you are looking for healthy candies for yourself and children then Yummy Natural is the best option. Yummy Naturals offers a wide range of healthy candy option that is good for you and your children. These candies are prepared from organic ingredients such as colors, and flavors. These candies are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other macronutrients which are necessary for the health of children.

Organic Delights

Organic Delights candies are made from pure organic ingredients and have no artificial sweeteners, colors, and additives. These candies are famous for their natural taste and color. Organic Delights claim that our candies boost the overall health of children and fulfill the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. Due to this reason, people are buying them on special occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Eid, Holi, and valentine’s day.

Fruit Fusion

If you want to buy fresh candies made from natural fruits then Fruit Fusion’s candies are the first option. Fruit Fusion gives importance to the health of children and prepares those candies that boost the immune system, and brain performance and improve overall health.

These candies are prepared from pure natural organic fruit extracts. No artificial color, additives, flavors and sugar are used in them. Fruit Fusion not only prepares candies but also health-friendly snack foods.

Low-Sugar Delights

If you are a parent and want to buy low-sugar candy then Low sugar Delights are the best option. Low sugar Delights candies are sweetened with natural fruit extracts or stevia. Low-sugar candies have reduced content of sugar which causes no side effects to health.

Low Sugar Delights are available in various colors and flavors. People are buying them on a daily basis in the market or online. They are famous for their purity.


NaturiCandy are preparing unique candies for kids that keep children healthy. Their candies are made from nutrients rich ingredients such as almonds, dark chocolate and chia seeds. All these ingredients are a rich source of vitamins, minerals protein and antioxidants. They are free from artificial colors, flavors and additives which are dangerous for kids’ health. 


FruityBurst prepares a wide range of healthy and delicious candy options for children. FruityBurst candies are burst with real fruit flavors and made from natural ingredients. There are no artificial flavors, colors or additives. These candies fulfill the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals up to some extent. But don’t use them as a treatment.


If you are seeking a candy that kids want to chew then SuperChew is the best option. These candies are prepared from nuts, oats, and lots of dried fruits. These candies play a key role in the growth of kids and enhance the proper health of the children.

SuperChew candies are packed with natural fiber and energy-boosting ingredients that’s why they are a good snacking option for active children.  


Kids are using SmartBites candies both for fun and brain health. These candies are loaded with ingredients that boost the performance of the brain such as omega-3 fatty acid which improves cognitive function. If you are conscious about your kids’ mental health then SmartBites is the best option for your kids.  

Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss prepares candies that are made from high-quality dark chocolate which is a strong antioxidant. It protects children from various kinds of inflammatory diseases. Dark chocolate has lots of health benefits such as antioxidant properties, improve heart health, boost brain performance and improve mood. These candies are guilt free and have no artificial color, flavors and additives.

Crunchy Bites

As a parent, if you are interested to buy candies for your kids that are crunchy and healthy then look for no other option except Crunchy Bites. Crunchy Bites candies are famous for their crunchy properties. These candies are prepared from purely organic ingredients such as grains and seeds which are good sources of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Crunchy Bites candies are free from artificial color, flavors and additives.

Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts always prepare those candies that enhance cardiovascular health. Happy Hearts candies are made from heart-friendly ingredients such as beetroot powder, which is a good source of dietary nitrates. Nitrates are very important for maintaining normal blood pressure. Happy Hearts candies will not only satisfy your children’s sweet cravings but also improve their heart health.

 Gummy Bear  (ChewyBears)

ChewBears is a very famous brand in the USA that prepares Gummy bears candies for children. Gummy Bears are prepared from natural fruit juices and sweeteners with lots of flavors. They have no artificial sugar, color, preservatives and other additives. All kids love them to chew because of their unique chewy texture, color, and flavors.

Tips for Choosing Healthy Candy for Kids

  Here are some crucial tips to help you choose healthy candy options for children:

Read the ingredients label

When you are choosing candy for yourself or kids always read the ingredients label. Buy those candies which are made from natural and organic ingredients and free from artificial color, preservatives, flavors and additives. Don’t buy those candies which have a high content of fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, color, flavors and other additives.

Pay attention to sugar content

During buying candies always check the sugar content. Select those candies which have low sugar content compared to traditional candies. Opt for those candies which are sweetened with natural ingredients such as fruit juice, honey or stevia.

Focus on nutritional benefits

Select those candies which have some nutritional benefits for your kids. There are lots of candies that are fortified with vitamins and minerals and play a key role in the health of children. Buy those candies which have these ingredients such as chia seeds, nuts, dark chocolate or other healthy ingredients. These ingredients offer tremendous health benefits.

Small or moderate portion sizes

It’s important to teach your kids about the portion size of candy. Select a small or moderate size of candy for your kid. Because portion sizes prevent overconsumption of candies, which is injurious to health. Buy individually wrapped candies that will prevent overconsumption and manage portion sizes.

Buy organic and natural candy

Opt those candies which are made from organic and natural ingredients. Natural candies are freed from artificial color, preservatives, flavors and other additives. All these things are dangerous for health.  

Check allergens

Some kids are very sensitive and allergic to some food items. So it is necessary to read the label carefully the candy is free from allergens or not. Always buy those candies which are free from allergens.

Focus on low sodium content

Select those candies which have low sodium content because a high intake of sodium has a negative impact on the kidneys and heart. Excess of sodium intake lead to various kinds of health complications.

Avoid artificial additives

Don’t buy those candies which have artificial colors, flavors and additives because they are hazardous to health.  

Engage your child in candy buying

During the candies buying process always try to engage your children so that they know what type of candy is good for their health. Guide your kids about healthy ingredients. This process will not only encourage your kids but also develop a preference for healthier choices.   

 These are the crucial tips that you should follow while selecting candies for your kids. These tips will avoid you from the side effects of traditional candies.


Parents have to choose those candies for their kids which are healthy and tasty. Always buy those candies which are made from natural and organic ingredients and avoid those candies which have artificial flavors, colors, and additives. Read the label before buying the candies. 


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